Sep25 First Nest Renovation 2012

If you had a chance to catch this post, you already know and love Sara and Rocky. We introduced you to them and promised to follow along with the renovation of their adorable 1926 Tudor home in Dallas, TX.

This first project is beautiful. Bea-u-ti-ful. The front door was painted when Sara and Rocky first moved in. They have killer style, so they knew that just wasn’t going to work for them. Here’s what Sara had to say about it:

Our front door was covered with lots of coats of paint, dark blue on the outside, white on the inside – neither of which we were crazy about, and you could tell there was SO much paint caked on there from throughout the years.  My mom and dad came into town a few weekend ago, and my mom dominated this door!  She stripped/sanded/stripped/sanded for about two days, and this was the final product!  We also got all new oil rubbed bronze hardware and got rid of the nasty brass.   

I can’t even stand how gorg this transformation is! Such creativity and vision to not just slap another coat of paint on top in a better color, but instead to strip away the paint and reveal the original wood underneath.

All images by Sara and Rocky from Our Cozy Casa.

Sep12 First Nest: Sara and Rocky 2012

Blog, meet Sara and Rocky. Rocky and Sara, meet blog! You are going to love each other!

Sara and Rocky are insanely stylish wedding photographers from Dallas, Texas. They recently made their first home purchase—a perfectly sweet 1926 Tudor in a great part of Dallas.

And guess what?! Each week we will be having Sara and Rocky over for a little bloggy tea party to show off their latest home renovations and DIYs. We’ll follow them along their journey to creating the First Nest of their dreams, and hopefully we’ll all be inspired.

Here’s a little interview with the love birds.


Tell us about yourself! What do you and Rocky do? Where did you meet? 

We met working at a summer camp in East Texas about 6 years ago, but didn’t actually start dating until a couple of years after that.  We got married in July of 2009, and shortly after that we started our photography business.  Rocky & I are now full time wedding photographers, and we LOVE weddings.  We shoot mostly outdoor and destination weddings, and one of our biggest goals is to create genuine relationships with our couples.  Since we shoot a lot of destination weddings, we are able to travel a lot and experience new places together.  Traveling stirs our souls and we absolutely love experiencing new cultures. We also have an amazing goldendoodle, Samson, who we are obsessed with.


Is this your first home?

This is our first home, we actually closed on our house on our 3 year anniversary!  This is the 5th place we have lived in 3 years, so hopefully we will stay here for a very long time! I see our future babies running around in this place.

When shopping for a home what were you looking for? Did you have non-negotiables?

I (Sara) used to be in architecture and interior design, so I have always been VERY picky.  Since moving to Dallas around 4 years ago, I have looked on Trulia probably once a month (even though we were never looking to buy a home) just to see what my options are around the area. When we decided we were going to buy a home, I already had bookmarked this home on my computer 2 weeks before. When we saw this home in our favorite neighborhood, we had to have it.  We are very close to the Bishop Art District that has some of our very favorite restaurants, a very cool vibe, and most of the homes were built in the 20s!  We have lots of huge trees, tons of quaint houses, and we love the fact that we are a part of Dallas history.  Some of our non-negotiables: we had to have lots of natural light, the home had to already have some curb appeal, and we had to feel like we can raise our future family here.  We definitely felt like this home had great bones, it just needed a little TLC.

What’s your best advice for first-time nesters?

Don’t go looking for your first home to be the perfect home you have always dreamed of.  While that may actually happen, we won’t be able to afford our ‘dream’ home until we are probably 50.  So, knowing that we couldn’t buy exactly what we have dreamed of in this first home, we saw potential – paint does SO much, changing out electrical plugs and switch plates, changing out light fixtures, all these can totally change the look of a home…just make sure it has good bones!

What do you most love about your home? Your biggest challenge with your home?

Honestly, our favorite part about our home is the fact that we now have a home together that we will have our family in.  Our biggest challenge has been the fact that a 1920s home has had a LOT of people do a LOT of things to it.  So, once you start doing something to it, you have to fix any mistakes all of the people before you have made.  Sara’s dad has helped us with all of the bigger parts of the work we have done so far, so luckily he has known how to fix any problems that come our way.

Do you entertain friends? If so, how have you designed/ will you design your home to accommodate that?

Entertaining friends may be the MOST favorite thing we do.  We absolutely love having friends over to cook for, drink with, and spend quality time with.  If we could have a dinner party once a week, we would….and we might!  One thing we had started doing before we knew we were going to be buying a house is Rocky was building us a 9′ dining room table that seated 10. Before we moved into the house, we knocked down a wall between a small breakfast room and the existing dining room to make it one huge dining room!  The huge table is in there now, and it has to be our favorite room of the house.  We want our friends to come over and feel welcomed to share a meal with us.

What is your favorite bargain find?

Wellll, everyone don’t hate us but…one day Sara was on Pinterest and pinned the Herman Miller Eames lounge chair and talked about how her dream is to own it one day.  We had a dear friend contact us who was going to teach in Africa for several years, and told us she had a chair like I pinned, and asked if we wanted it while she was gone.  We said of course, not knowing if it was real or not.  She showed up at our loft with it, and lo and behold, it was a 1978 original chair in mint condition.  Our favorite piece of furniture in our home, obviously.

What has been your biggest splurge so far?  

We haven’t really splurged on any one big item, but in the first month of living here we have knocked down and patched up the dining room wall, closed in a door, put hardwood floors in the only room that didn’t have them already, painted our entire home white, switched out all plugs and switches and plates, patched the wood floor where we tore the wall out, built and changed out our mantel…..okay you get the point.  So maybe we have splurged.

What projects are in the future?  

Rocky is going to build us a hanging credenza on one of the big walls in the dining room.  Our attic is large and unfinished, so one day we want to finish it out and turn it into our office.  We want to landscape with some awesome plants and build a deck in the backyard. We will eventually redo the kitchen and 2 bathrooms as well.  So, ask me in about 5 years what we have splurged on and I am sure I can give you a long list!


Check back next week to follow along with Sara and Rocky and see the first projects they’ve tackled in their home!