May01 Summer cocktail 2013

Summer is upon us (or already here for those of us lucky enough to live in warm places!), which means that porch-sitting, backyard-barbecuing, and cocktail-drinking are top priority.

The lovelies over at Valley & Co sent us this yummy recipe for a Blood Orange + Mint Sunset. Enjoy!



What you’ll need:

blood oranges  || 1 oz. blood orange liqueur || .5 oz. gin ||  seltzer water || a handful of mint leaves || ice || fine grained sugar

Dampen the rim of a low ball glass and dip in sugar. Muddle a few mint leaves in the bottom the low ball. Add ice, blood orange liqueur and gin. Stir and top with seltzer water. Serve with orange wedges and mint leaves as garnish. Cheers!

Editor’s note: if you want a mocktail version, substitute the liqueur with blood orange juice and omit the gin.




Images and recipe courtesy of Valley & Co Lifestyle

Aug29 Grey’s guide to good cheese 2012

Recently I was loitering in the cheese section at Whole Foods when I overhead a man ask, “Excuse me, where is your Brie?”

The Whole Foods clerk, looking puzzled, responded, “They’re all right here,” as he pointed to an enormous case of what would look like twenty different cheeses to the untrained eye.

The poor guy was blindsided by fancy cheese. I imagine his wife sent him with a list and he was suddenly wishing it said Velveeta instead.

With that, I decided I would spare you all the trouble and create Grey’s Guide to Good Cheese. These are my five favorite cheeses that will take you beyond cheddar and jack, and will open the door to a whole new section of Whole Foods you never dared to enter before.

Grab some wine and enjoy the cheese!

Images: Brie via Quince with Sugar; Feta via Cheese Making; Roquefort via Delish; Gouda via Ajumma’s Pad; Chevre via Formaggio Kitchen

Aug21 Girls Dinner 2012

I can hardly think of anything better than eating pizza and drinking wine…except eating pizza and drinking wine with my favorite girlfriends. Not only are these girls real life besties, but they are talented and creative crafters and bloggers. So naturally, they really know how to throw a dinner party.

The lovely Tobe of Because It’s Awesome, along with her friends Carrie & Morgan from Ampersand Design, and Laura of A Girl Who Makes, plan routine dinner parties and take turns hosting in their homes. What a brilliant idea. While we’re away emailing all of our best gals to totally copy them, enjoy the wonderful details of their italian inspired fun!

PS. Come back later this afternoon for a brilliant little Leftovers Bag DIY project from Laura – complete with step by step instructions and printables! Who doesn’t love printables?!



Photos courtesy of Eric Linebarger Photography via Because its Awesome.