Aug23 DIY: Gold Studded Tray 2012

You guys, I can’t even handle the internet lately. So many pretty things to see, so little time!

Kelly at Fabulous K created this amazing DIY Gold Studded Tray, and I’m obsessed. For less than $15 and just a few minutes, you can have a great accessory. It would be perfect as a jewelry holder, as seen below, or even on an end table holding a stack of magazines. Then I’d also make one for my desk to hold all of the odds and ends that find their way there. Being organized can be sparkly, too!

Read below to see what Kelly had to say about the project!

I started with a small $6 acrylic tray from The Container Store.  At my local craft store, I found large gold upholstery tacks for $3/pack (for this project I needed 2 packages.)  I love that they look a little beaten up, like old brass would.  Since these were tacks, I cut off the pointed end to make them flat. (I’m sure with some research you can easily find already-flat versions on the internet.)

My original plan was to use a super-glue type of adhesive, but then the light bulb went off — hot glue would work much better (and it did!)

Project Tips:  Clean up the hot glue strands as you go.  They really stick to the acrylic.  Also, be sure to space out the studs before gluing to make sure they’re evenly placed. Once they’re on, they’re not coming off!

All images and instructions courtesy of Fabulous K!

Obviously, there are so many other pretty things to see on this blog. Head over now, thank us later.

Aug21 DIY: Leftover Bags 2012

Earlier we shared a super adorable dinner party. Don’t you love it?

We’re  back to share with you one of the great DIY’s created just for that dinner party!  These Leftover Bags created by Laura of A Girl Who Makes are the perfect finishing touch to your party – guests will have something to take leftovers home in! Enjoy.


What You’ll Need:

Two pieces of parchment paper measuring about 9″ x 13″
Labels (optional)

step 1: fold the parchment paper in half width wise

step 2: measure 1″ from the original fold and fold paper back. repeat on other side.

step 3: tape the short sides to create a pouch.

the bottom should look like this:

step 4: fill the pouch with leftover pizza!

step 5: fold over the top of the pouch and secure it with tape or a custom label*.

*Laura created these adorable printable labels that you can download HERE for free! For more details you can see her post here.

Images and instructions courtesy of A Girl Who Makes.


Aug16 DIY: Marquee Letters 2012

I’ve said this before, but I have no problem saying it again. I love Ashley at Sugar & Cloth. She’s super creative and her DIYs are projects that I would actually make. You know, there are lots of DIYs that I’d pin, but never make. Today’s fab project from Ashley is on my to-do list for this weekend, I’m so in love. Enjoy!

I love the idea of marquee letters, and according to Pinterest, so does everyone else. The only catch is the real deal vintage letters are few and far between, and most DIY versions involve a crazy amount of steps, weird tools, and too many measurements for my comfort, but not with this one! If you can use a knife, you can make this!

Materials needed:

Large cardboard letter (JoAnn’s is the best place to find one)

X-acto Knife

String Lights


Paint (optional)




1 | Cut along the seam of your cardboard letter, only on one side. It’s surprisingly easy! This will be the back side that hides the cord.


2 | Twist the glass casings from the strand of lights, and lay them out where you’d like them placed on the front side of the letter, and then trace the smallest part of each.


3 | Cut an asterisk shape in each circle, which will allow you to push the bulbs right through into place.


4 | Put the bulbs back into the circles you cut, and the twist the lights into place from the back, tucking any excess cord in the sides.

Now your letter is ready to plug in and display!


Ps. If you missed Ashley’s last DIY exclusive for Grey, click here to check it out.

Aug02 DIY: Geometric Table Linens 2012

We’ve been basically jumping up and down for days with excitement over today’s post. This DIY was created just for Grey Likes readers by the super-duper-extra talented Ashley of Sugar and Cloth.  Be sure that you have lots of spare time when you visit her blog, because you will get sucked in. It’s gorgeous. Here’s what Ashley had to say:

I’m always swooning over trendy geometric table linens (West Elm, you have my heart). The only problem is that the inner DIY in me can’t justify buying them when they can be easily re-created to fit my space perfectly with a little paint and creativity. So, I set out to make my own, here’s how:


  • Martha Stewart all-surface craft paint
  • Foam brush
  • Painters tape
  • Linens


Giving plain linens new life with geometric shapes is literally as easy as taping off a few cool shapes, and painting a few thin coats of all purpose paint over them. I used the tape for horizontal lines and making triangles, then decided to free-hand the X’s but you could easily tape those also. By only painting the corners, you’re leaving guests plenty of space to dab a little icing from their cheek when the party gets started without any roughness.


Don’t you love them? Dont’ you love Ashley?! We knew you would.

Feb14 Heart You! 2011

I know it’s a bit late to order these from Etsy, but they are so darling. Ornaments. Cup cake toppers. Garland. A myriad of possibilities. Happy Valentine’s Day!