Jul24 Warm welcomes 2012

Having overnight guests? Gather a few simple items to make them feel at home. For starters, a sweet handwritten welcome note on the bedstand. (How simple and adorable is this stationary from Etsy?!) Tell them where to find the dark chocolate and make note of your Wifi password. Top it off with fresh flowers, which we tend to consider a necessity more often than not. No need for a full bouquet – our local market sells single stems, we’re sure yours does, too.

Be sure to leave your nicest bath towels in plain sight. Pair it with a fresh bar of organic soap. Between the lavender and the linen, your guests are sure to overstay their welcome.



Images: Handmade soap from The Little Raggamuffin on Etsy | Linen Bath Sheet from NordicLinen on Etsy | Peony bud via Casa Sugar | Calligraphy stationary from Besotted Brand on Etsy




Feb14 Heart You! 2011

I know it’s a bit late to order these from Etsy, but they are so darling. Ornaments. Cup cake toppers. Garland. A myriad of possibilities. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Nov08 Holiday 2010

Holiday is officially upon us as we ease into November. I usually spend the month before Thanksgiving stockpiling new Christmas decorations (it’s a sickness, by the way. I can’t seem to stop myself). I stumbled upon this holiday wreath by Oh Merci! and thought it was so whimsical. Love it!

Oct18 Cross Stitch 2010

I love all these cross stitch by Moxie Doll that I found via See Me Everywhere.

Oct12 Coins! 2010

I love these petite coin purses from Sew Lola. Darling!