Aug02 DIY: Geometric Table Linens 2012

We’ve been basically jumping up and down for days with excitement over today’s post. This DIY was created just for Grey Likes readers by the super-duper-extra talented Ashley of Sugar and Cloth.  Be sure that you have lots of spare time when you visit her blog, because you will get sucked in. It’s gorgeous. Here’s what Ashley had to say:

I’m always swooning over trendy geometric table linens (West Elm, you have my heart). The only problem is that the inner DIY in me can’t justify buying them when they can be easily re-created to fit my space perfectly with a little paint and creativity. So, I set out to make my own, here’s how:


  • Martha Stewart all-surface craft paint
  • Foam brush
  • Painters tape
  • Linens


Giving plain linens new life with geometric shapes is literally as easy as taping off a few cool shapes, and painting a few thin coats of all purpose paint over them. I used the tape for horizontal lines and making triangles, then decided to free-hand the X’s but you could easily tape those also. By only painting the corners, you’re leaving guests plenty of space to dab a little icing from their cheek when the party gets started without any roughness.


Don’t you love them? Dont’ you love Ashley?! We knew you would.

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