Sep10 Home Tour: Colorful Chicago Apartment 2012

People, this home tour is ON FIRE. It’s amazing. Do not judge me for my serious inability to cut down on the number of photos I’m including. They were all too good to let go.

Meet Kim and Scott. AKA. Adorable attack. They are serious DIY-ers, have this too cute blog called Yellow Brick Home, and paint pictures of pets. Your pets, their pets, everyone’s pets. No joke.

This is their 700-square foot Chicago abode. It’s everything you’d want from hip, city-dwellers. Complete with a cute dog, obvi. Keep reading below for a fun Q & A with Kim.

As you’ll see, Kim and Scott have art all over their home. It’s fun, unique, and colorful. Love it. Plus, their chalk wall in the entry way is a way steal-able idea.

This is their uhh-mazing studio space. I want to drive all the way to Chicago and steal that peach chair and keep it forever.

About this lovely patio, Kim says it is “a very important part of Chicago living, since it basically expands our small living space by a whole extra “room” during the summers.”

What’s your best advice for first-time nesters?

We live in a small home (less than 700 sq. ft.), and we’re constantly challenged by the size of a room, storage and ways to make our place feel bigger. With that said, we know that every decision we make might not work, but you have to try, right? We’re not afraid to fail (was the wall color a big mistake? Maybe, so try again! It’s just paint!), and we’re very hands on. We think that rather than be paralyzed with fear, just take small steps to make your house feel like you. Gather inspiration from your favorite blogs, magazines and even catalog mailers – there’s no right or wrong way to do something when it comes to your own style! And take your time; it won’t happen overnight, and that’s okay.

What was your biggest purchase for the home? How did you justify the expense?

We wouldn’t say that there is one┬áitem in our home that stands out as a splurge, but some items might seem a bit more pricey when put into perspective. For example, Scott couldn’t believe I spent almost $200 on 4 silk curtain panels (for the living room), when we have just as beautiful, crisp white panels from Ikea for $20/ea in other parts of our home! Along the same lines, we’ve just replaced all the venetian blinds in our home for more practical, energy-saving honeycomb shades. While they may not be the most exciting purchase, they’ll save us money in the long run on cooling and heating.

Where is your favorite place to relax in the house?

At the end of every evening, nothings makes us happier than to curl up on our couch and just be. We’ll catch up on Netflix (our current obsession: Breaking Bad), have a glass of wine and sit back with our four-legged kiddos: Jack, Maddie and Libby.

Do you entertain friends? If so, how have you designed your home to accommodate that?

We absolutely love hosting friend gatherings! One of the reasons we fell in love with our home was the open concept kitchen/living area. We have a round coffee table to encourage our friends to gather around, play games and laugh. Scott and I can be in the kitchen – just an arms length away from the living room! – and pour drinks, make sure there’s enough food and still be in the same room with everyone else. On warm nights, we have a small patio to gather and enjoy the Chicago summers.


All images shot by Kim, with the exception of the top image from Gooch Too Photography.

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