Feb12 Lavender and gold Valentine’s via Grey Likes Nesting 2013

Lavender and gold Valentine's via Grey Likes Nesting


  • Eddie on September 03, 2015

    , “Did we just make the biggest mtsaike of our lives.” My family resides in an apt and I do understand the female nesting urge a thousand fold but making enormous financial decisions (and pummeling your spouse) based on emotions has severe consequences! From my observation, generally Men do seem to be better at stepping back and making logical decisions (not based on emotions) when it comes to purchasing the “family home”. I consider myself a feminist but that has been my observation.Before the market turned…………I’ll confess, I was one of the women who complained about not having a home and a backyard for the kids but when my sweet husband said, ‘just give me the green light when you want to buy.” I told him I was just venting and we need to wait until the prices decline. I used to go on this blog when I felt down and then I started to become educated about the market and did research every night.I was better able to respond to people who were critical of us not owning a home.Notice how the woman on the Dr. Laura show did not seem particularly interested in getting them out of their financial mess and SELLING the house.she also wrote down Dr Laura’s comments as if she did not have a brain!Learned helplessness is a sickening quality.

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