Jul18 Crushing on Jenna Lyons 2013

Surely you would expect nothing less than chic perfection from  J. Crew’s  President and Executive Creative Director, Jenna Lyons–and her home is no small exception. I recently became obsessed with looking at photos of her insanely bold and fabulous outfits, so I searched around for photos of her home to see if it was as dreamy. OBVI it is.

These images are from TrendHome, but a quick search will turn up even more.

I think the overall takeaways here are bold and contrasting colors, big chunky pieces, and FUR. Lots of fur. I can hardly stand how beautiful it is. And that shoe collection – oh my!

Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-3Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-1 Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-8 Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-13 Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-14 Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-15 Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-16 Jenna-Lyons-Park-Slope-Dream-Home-20


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  • Caroline R on September 06, 2013

    Dear ‘Nesting,

    I miss you.. Please don’t stay away so long!

    Mrs. R

  • AC on April 03, 2014

    I am so in love with this brownstone and everything in it.

  • Lilly on March 09, 2017

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