Oct08 Etsy Finds: Cable Knit 2012

Once upon a time I taught myself to knit. I knit half a scarf using mostly one needle and my fingers to pull the string around because I’m used to the idea of crocheting with one hook¬† and this two needle¬†deal was stressful. It was not a success, clearly. I retired my needles and resigned to homemade looking yarn things. Look, nothing against crochet because its all fine and whatever, but crochet is not knit. Knit is all pretty and classy like, whereas crochet screams, “This is a homemade afghan!” For the record, I’ve never crocheted a whole afghan.

Over the weekend, in a moment of perfect clarity, I stumbled upon this really adorable Etsy shop – BiscuitScout. Everything is cable knit by hand. Best part: not MY hands!

Head over to BiscuitScout to see all of the goods. If you have the coordination to use two needles, the shop owner will even sell you a pattern to do it yourself. Good luck with that.

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