May15 capiz shell chandi 2013

capiz shell chandi


  • Godwin on September 03, 2015

    firsly it sounds like you want the glass laid flat on the wall not avsadible as mould would build up behind the glass. I think you probally mean fix one edge to the wall and the other edge onto bath, well firstly you will need to water proof your plaster wall for the same reasons and you don’t want to damagethe wall or have moiture get trapped inside the wall as it will seep into the wall and cause damage in other rooms. there is a sheet like laminex it’s cheap- use a water proofing piant- let dry- then glue or screw sheet onto wall, use special brackets to hiold screen up-make sure it is anchored into timber frame of wall -not just into plaster. ( make sure you know where elec leads are before doing this) one bracket will go into wall and the other end will go into wall or ceiling. once in place , seal edges on wall and bath with a coloured silicone to suit bathroom decor make sure it is the right type of silicone that doesn’t go mouldy. It’s fairly easy- if in dought ask your local hadware they are allways happy to advise happy showering. The silicone is usually enough at the base to keep glass in place but it must be anchored at the sides near the top-make sure the glass is a proper shower glass incase someone falls into it.

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