Oct31 Last Minute Spooky Soiree 2012

I may or may not have mentioned this, but I have a love affair with Halloween. It’s mostly nostalgic. As a child my grandmother would dress up as a witch every year (green face paint and all!) and make a huge pot of beef stew in a cauldron-like pot. Each grandchild would get a cube of beef bouillon to add to the stew–she told us they were the last ingredient to her secret potion! Such fun memories.

If you’re not prepared for Halloween, it’s not too late. Gather a few friends, turn on Monster Mash, and throw a last-minute SPOOKY SOIREE!

1. Spooky decor is super simple and quick. Grab a bag of spanish moss and gather up all of the old bottles, trays, candlesticks, and vintage silver you have in your house. Scour your cabinets for anything black or old looking. Extra points if you have a few bell jars and some old books. Create a simple table setting with things you already have. Move on to #2 to add the final decorating touches!

#2. Printing a few simple Halloween images is quick, free, and can add a little dose of spooky if you don’t have any Halloween decor. If you have some old frames, and book paper, you can make it extra eerie! CLICK HERE for a great compilation of printables perfect for the occasion.

#3. Witches stew, of course! We love this recipe from Martha Stewart because of its positively frightful color. If you opt for a more traditional stew, don’t forget to let guests add a secret ingredient. These individually wrapped bouillon cubes are easy to find at the supermarket.

#4. No costume? No problem. This has to be the easiest little get up to throw together with things you already have in your closet! A black trench, some striped socks (check Target, they have a great selection for $2.50 a pair), and a broom–voila!

For more last minute costumes, see this great post by What I Wore. 


Images: Mantle via Martha Stewart; Book display via Design Love; Skeleton display via Urban Comfort; Witches Stew via Martha Stewart; Bouillon via Mid Eats;  DIY Witch Costume via What I Wore.


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  • Dominic Riley on January 28, 2013

    18 Other cold hors d’oeuvres included, chicken curry on baguette with coconut flakes, white bean puree and root vegetable crostini, and eggplant caviar and shrimp on toast.

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