May02 Three Low-Maintenance Things to Grow This Spring 2013

I always envy my neighbors with beautiful blossoms in their yard, but I can never seem to locate my missing green-thumb in time for Spring.

This year I’m determined to find some things I can grow that don’t require much attention or skill. Here what I’ve come up with: Three gorgeous blooms that will make the people across the street think I totally have gardening skills!

Happy Gardening!


1. May Night Salvia

These deep purple blooms are said to be extremely easy to grow and tend to get large to give your garden some height and texture. Here are a few growing tips!

2. Succulents

The best part about succulents (besides the fact that even if you try, you probably couldn’t kill them!) is that there’s a vast array of different types. You could literally fill your garden with succulents that all look completely different–and totally chic! Here are a few growing tips. They can be found at any local nursery or right here online.

3. Jules Verne Peonies

Peonies are said to be some of the easiest to grow. Who knew?! Here are a few tips for growing and a place to buy the gorgeous bright pink Jules Verne variety online. Can you imagine having your own little supply of succulents to keep fresh blooms on your table all summer? Magical.

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